Emergency Management officials meet in Fairfield after tornado

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - The cities of Gardendale and Irondale along with Jefferson County Emergency Management leaders met at the Wright Center in Fairfield Tuesday.

Fairfield Mayor Ed May said getting help for people remains a top priority. "We are continuing to work very hard to get the city cleaned up. I know there is a lot of people still out there with a lot of need," May said.

Other cities are promising additional workers and equipment to help with the cleanup.

"Right now, the largest need is debris removal. With so many trees down and so on. All of this has to be cleared out," Jim Coker, Jefferson County Emergency Management Director, said.

At this time, the county is still assessing all of the damage to see if they could qualify for federal disaster assistance. "The assessment involves a lot of different things. One is debris. The other is people. What are the needs of people," Coker said.

People are being asked to contact the EMA or Fairfield if they have any damage to homes and if their property was not insured. City leaders are not sure they will have enough damage to qualify for federal funds.

While the cleanup continues in Fairfield, Emergency Management officials are taking a look at last week's tornado and see what they learned from a tornado that popped up out of nowhere. "In Alabama, you can never put preparedness aside. We got to be prepared 12 months out of the year. As we see this was a tornado in June, we don't typically get those," Coker said.

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