Missing Tuscaloosa grandmother faces charges

Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC
Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A once missing grandma now finds herself in trouble with the law. Tuscaloosa police charged 48-year-old Lisa Hood with three counts of interfering with custody on Sunday.

Thursday, Hood's daughter d ropped her three children off to spend the night with their grandmother. When she came back to pick them up the next day, they were gone.

"She was last seen in Tuscaloosa on Friday morning by a friend of the family. So we're assuming after that, she left town," Lt. Teena Richardson with Tuscaloosa Police told WBRC. Police released pictures of the family Sunday.

Someone recognized them as a family staying in a Birmingham homeless shelter. Authorities questioned Hood and learned that she did have a cell phone but didn't turn it on.

A police report said she refused to make a statement. The children are safe and back with their mother. WBRC asked a member of the family by phone for a comment and they did not respond back.

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