Gardendale helping Fairfield with cleanup after storm

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Gardendale sent eight of their public works employees, along with trucks and equipment, to Fairfield on Monday to assist with cleanup efforts after a tornado hit the community last Thursday.

Gardendale workers are expected to be in the city all week helping to clear out storm debris. "You know we went through this several years ago. It's not a problem coming down here to help them," Jerome Jackson of Gardendale Public Works Supervisor said.

Those working with Wright Way Company, a business that trains people for construction in Fairfield, are working to remove trees and they welcomed the additional help. "It's a brotherhood when you come out here. Everybody has a positive mindset. We move as a unit. No man left behind," Terry Billups said.

Billups says they are estimating cleanup could take anywhere from six weeks to two months.

On Monday, the two mayors of Fairfield and Gardendale met. Fairfield Mayor Ed May is thankful for the support from Gardendale. "Just to say thank you. He called me. Told me he would be here today. He has come at a crucial time when we still needed them," May said.

Gardendale understands the need for outside help after a tornado hit their city years ago. "When you have a tragedy happen, everybody comes together and we are both members of the Jefferson County Mayors Association and we all share a common bond," Hogeland said.

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