Birmingham rapper's body found in trunk of burning car

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As DJ for 95.7 Jamz, Dana "Lady Woo" Woodruff was very familiar with the works of Paul "Bam Bam" Carter.

"I mean, he told the truth. He had the grit, the sound of the south. He talked about his neighborhood, his people, experiences he saw and lived," she says.

Growing up in the same area, music drew the two together over 15 years ago.

Their careers would keep them in the same circle...a circle, Carter quickly rose in.

"A group of my DJ partners, we are looking for the soundtrack to Birmingham...what Birmingham sounds like and he would definitely be one of those people that would come up in that conversation often," Woodruff said.

She says Carter was just beginning to push the music career of his niece when on June 8, a horrible discovery.

Officials found a body in the trunk of a burning car. Rumors quickly began to spread that it was Carter.

"It was one of those things - just holding on to faith that he'll show back up, maybe it's not him, we just didn't know," But it wasn't until this week, Lady Woo and the Birmingham community learned it indeed was him.

"So finally, we're getting to a point that we can accept he's not physically here but it's his artistry that will live on. That's helping people grieve the proper way," said Woodruff. "For those of us who have been supporting him, we'll keep supporting him. And for those who didn't know to support him, now they know."

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