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Forestdale residents say rains creates river when creek overflows


On a nice sunny day, this creek that runs underneath Cindy Lane is calm and peaceful. 

But when it rains, it is a different story altogether. Residents along this street say it just started doing this year. 

Half of the creek runs right next to Willie Smith's house. “You can see how high the water got with the water stains on the bricks,” he says pointing to the wall in his basement.

Smith, who's lived here since October, says the rushing water has flooded his basement three times already just this month. His neighbor across the street says the water has started to uproot trees, and destroyed everything left in their shed. 

Smith says there are numerous other concerns he has.

“Financially it's killing me.  Sooner or later you'll develop health problems,” he says. “It's just messing with the foundation of the house. Taking away value of what you paying for.”

He and his neighbor have both called Jefferson County Roads and Transportation Department about the problem. 

Monday, WBRC spoke with the director, Cal Markert, who sent crews out to check the creek. They didn't find anything blocking it, but did find an old metal pipe that they'll resize and replace with a concrete pipe. 

Markert says it will be bigger and that may help with the problem. But he also says it will likely be four to eight weeks before it can be fixed

That concerns Willie Smith. “It might rain 10 more times before they come.  I just hate coming home to it,” he says.

Residents say it’s not just their homes they’re concerned with, but also their street.They say the problem are so bad that crews have had to come out and patch the road at least four times this year.

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