Father of 4 fatally shot just one day before Father's Day

Source: Shauntel Jones/victim's sister
Source: Shauntel Jones/victim's sister

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "What happened to him, he didn't deserve it.  It should not have happened to him," Shauntel Jones said

Instead, she says her family should have been celebrating her older brother, not grieving over his death.

"How you just kill somebody in front of his kids? All his kids seen it. How do you just kill someone in front of their kids?  They know today is Father's Day. They knew what they have planned and they can't say happy Father's Day, daddy like they normally would," continued Jones.

Thirty-year-old Erwin Jones was killed in the courtyard of his Rickwood Apartment on 12th Street West Saturday evening. It now serves as a makeshift memorial for the father of four.

His Father's Day card sits on the bench where his family says he was shot and killed.

"It's hard. I just talked to my brother. I just talked to him and then he was telling me, 'I'm proud of you.' I don't have a brother. I have three, but I'm supposed to have four. It's supposed to be five of us. It's always been five. it's never been four of us," Jones said.

Birmingham police say two black males each armed with handguns, approached Jones and others who were also nearby and then fired several rounds, killing him. Police Jones was shot multiple times.

Investigators say Jones and the suspects were in a dispute over a gun and drugs.

His sister, says her brother wasn't a violent person, but was only protecting his family.

"They need to know my brother was not a violent person. They shot my brother when he wasn't looking. They didn't give him a chance. They didn't get him a chance. He was always protective of us. He always said if he leaves it's because he's protecting us and he was protecting my little brother," she said.

Jones' family asked that those responsible be arrested.

Police at this time do not have a suspect.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Birmingham Police Department's homicide unit at 254-1764.

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