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First woman to run in Boston Marathon continues breaking barriers for women, seniors in Birmingham

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It’s the most iconic picture ever taken at the Boston Marathon.

“I was just there to run and everything changed when the official tried to attacked me at the one-mile mark,” said running icon Katherine Switzer.

Switzer’s life immediately changed in that moment back in 1967.

“I vowed to finish the race. I was not going to give up,” Switzer added.

Switzer became the first women ever to run in the Boston Marathon on April 19, 1967, sparking a revolution.

“It changed my life and millions of women’s lives and it helped transform women’s running and women’s empowerment,” said Switzer.

And now, 50 years later, the now 70-year-old runner is at it again, creating awareness of how to stay active as you age.

“People have to realize they talk to seniors the way they used to talk to women: 'You’re too weak, too fragile.' We have to change our attitudes about aging and inform people how to live a healthy lifestyle since people are living longer,” she said.

Switzer is using the National Senior Games to help spread her message. She was a guest runner in the 10K race Saturday morning in Birmingham.

“I’m not competing, but I’m out here to spread the word about aging. We're on the cusp of a new frontier as we break barriers today for seniors," she said.

Switzer will continue to run in marathons and other races to continue to help break barriers for both women and seniors in the sports world. 

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