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Train derails near Pell City

(Source: Chad Elrod) (Source: Chad Elrod)

Authorities have confirmed a train derailment off of Highway 78 in the Riverside/Pell City area.

The incident happened near the intersection of Truss Ferry Road and Cogswell Avenue. About 20 or 30 cars were involved.

According to the St. Clair County EMA, Pell City Fire has set up a 1,000-foot evacuation radius from the tracks is in effect. People are asked to stay clear from the area.

Authorities don't believe any hazardous materials were on board but they are waiting for a hazmat team to show up and assess the situation.

The area is considered industrial, not residential. There's a Citgo Triple P's food store nearby but no houses.

Norfolk Southern is dispatching investigators to the scene.

A Spring jamboree game was going on in town so there were a lot of people traveling through the area when it happened.

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