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ADPH issues reminders that open wounds in open water can make swimmers sick

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It's not all fun and games on Lake Tuscaloosa for Gina Phillips and others boating with her.

"It's always on your mind when you're in fresh water," Phillip said.

She took to heart a reminder from the Alabama Department of Public Health that Infections from swimming are rare, but can occur.

It's especially worrisome if you expose an open wound in open waters.

"It's best to have some kind of antiseptic with you. And it you get injured like that, rinse it out," Phillips added.

We talked to Dr. Phillip Bobo, a primary care physician and urgent care physician in Tuscaloosa. 

"That's always a possibility if you've got an open wound on your body and you get in water like that that's got all kinds of bacteria and parasites," Dr, Bobo warned.

Phillips pays close attention to signs around the lake that show if it's safe to get in the waters of Lake Tuscaloosa after a number of bacteria have been measured.

"We've been out here before when it is red and you can't get in the water. So we've had ten kids and stay in the boat the entire time."

Follow safe swimming practices like showering after swimming, wash hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, avoid swimming if there are cuts or abrasions on the skin and follow up for any injuries you sustain while in lakes, rivers, pools or coastal waters.

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