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Hoover woman creates dream bedrooms for children battling serious illnesses

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A Hoover woman is using her interior design skills to bring joy to children with serious or terminal illnesses.

Through what's called the Flower Child Project, the kids are getting bedroom makeovers for free.

Three-year-old Clara Bragg is a sweet toddler who has a rare brain disease called GM 1. It's an illness that's extremely hard for her mother to talk about.

"It's a terminal brain disease," said an emotional Jenny Bragg. "So essentially, Clara is slowly dying."

Jenny says the disease will shut down Clara's body. So far, she's lost her ability to talk. She can only crawl because she can't walk on her own anymore.

"As time progresses, she'll lose the ability to feed, it'll affect her hearing, her sight, her ability to move and eventually her ability to breathe," said Jenny.

Jenny says she likely won't live past 10 years old.

The family cherishes every single moment with Clara and for the past few weeks a space in their home has been a true happy place for the whole family.

Her old bedroom was renovated and transformed into a colorful and bright dream bedroom designed especially for her.

About $10,000 to $15,000-worth of work was put into creating the beautiful space but the family didn't spend a dime thanks to the Flower Child Project.

Michelle Chandler is the founder and is doing this to help bring joy to the lives of sick children. All of the work and money for the renovation were donated by businesses and the community.

"Whether they're coming home from the hospital or home sick, it's just a place that reflects them and a place they really love and makes them happy," said Chandler.

She also hopes it brings healing to the family.

"It just makes me feel so good, makes me emotional," said Chandler. "It's just so important, you know, to help people."

A custom-built handicap accessible bed is one of the new additions to her room. It's something Clara needs for her safety.

"With the protective railings around it, it's just like a crib," said Ryan Bragg, Clara's dad. "We designed it to be exactly waist high on purpose so we're not having to bend over to put her in or out of the bed."

Ryan and Jenny say the room is better than they ever could have imagined. Clara smiles a lot when she's in her bedroom which is her way of showing she's happy and that means everything.

"It's been a very difficult journey, obviously, but this has been a really bright light in the process," said Jenny. "Something that's simple and might not seem significant, but it's something that really just brings a smile to our face."

The Bragg family is raising money for the lifesaving cure for GM 1. Here's more information about the effort and how you can donate: www.acureforclara.com

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