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Law enforcement agencies sign new gun crime initiative letter

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Law enforcement agencies in Tuscaloosa County showed their support for a new gun crime initiative.

To really implement this new gun policy, the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Hays Webb said it's important everyone is on board. 

A letter signed to him by the county sheriff and three other police chiefs was the first step.

“Although we cannot prevent all violent crime we want to create a strong disincentive for criminals to carry guns,” said Webb. “I think the significance of the letter is that it shows the unified front that we have.”

“We're all together in this and you know we are tired of seeing innocent people hurt,” Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy added.

“Our message is simple bad guys leave your guns at home,” the letter read.

Or else you could do time in jail. 

“We don't want people stealing, we don't people doing any crime,’ said Webb. 
Webb said If you're caught committing a crime like say during a drug deal or robbing a store and a gun is found on you, whether it's used or not there will be consequences anywhere in Tuscaloosa County if you commit a crime and there is a gun present you will go to jail or prison period. 

Abernathy said their jail is full of criminals who made an impulse decision simply because they had a gun on them. He hopes this plan will cause people to think before pulling the trigger.

“We are trying to do everything we can do to cut down on the number of gun violence out here in our community,” said Abernathy. 

Webb is planning to roll out a series of PSA's and have billboards put up to get the word out about this gun policy.

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