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Disabled man says contractor took advantage of him

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A Hueytown man says he's out of more than $10,000 after paying a contractor that he says never finished the job. He also claims the work the contractor did created more problems than it fixed.

Now John Drake can't get in touch with Alex Gentry, the man he hired. Drake says some of the problems left behind is causing mold to grow on the walls, threatening the health of Drake and his family.

Drake hired Gentry in August to start the work. Almost 10 months later, it is still not finished.

He has already paid the contractor $12,000.

"I can't believe that he did that to me, you know? Because we were so good to him, he might as well have come in and robbed me at night," Drake explained.

After multiple times of trying to contact Gentry leaving voicemails and writing letters, Drake heard nothing back.

"I wish this man could be stopped so he doesn't do this to somebody else," Drake stated.

We checked with the Better Business Bureau and Gentry has an F rating for other unfinished jobs.

During WBRC's investigation for this story we found 3 different names for Gentry's company. The BBB says often when people get a bad rating they change the name of their business.

There is a way to look up the name of the person that owns the business so you can see all reviews.

David Smitherman with the BBB says always do your research before even paying a dime.

"Never pay upfront for the job you might pay 25 percent or 33 percent of the job up front to get them started on materials but no more than that,” he explained.

He also says make sure you have everything in writing in case they do try to take advantage of you.

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