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Spokeswoman responds to Tuscaloosa's recent sewage spills

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So far this week, there have been two sewage spills in Tuscaloosa.

Just under 3,000 gallons went somewhere it wasn't supposed to in one of them.

But rather than keep it a secret, the city of Tuscaloosa now always alert the public when problems like this happen.

"If there's any action needed by the public, such as to avoid an area, we make that clear in our notification," said Tuscaloosa City spokeswoman Deidre Stalnaker.

She says sewage overflows happen more often than you think.

Monday, several thousand gallons overflowed in the 1900 block of Woodridge Road. Crews fixed the sewer line and cleaned up the area.

But sewage did reach a water source.

In an effort to be more transparent, the city of Tuscaloosa issues an alert when an overflow happens.

"To date, drinking water is not affected. So we also make that clear in the notification. So if there's an action or precaution that the public needs to take, we make that clear," Stalnaker explained.

Zoe Eprile appreciates getting as much information as possible when there could be a health concern.

"Making it transparent for the public because if there's something like a sewage spill or anything newsworthy going where I'm living I want ti know about it," Eprile said.

Tuscaloosa now makes these notifications public at the request of several environmental groups earlier this year. 

Notifications are made to the media and placed on some city social media platforms.

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