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Traffic cameras coming to Bessemer

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If you're thinking about breaking the traffic laws in Bessemer, you better think again. An ordinance was approved by the council Tuesday and it will allow the city to install traffic safety cameras at select intersections.  

"As the mayor has pointed out, if you're a person who believes in obeying the traffic laws then this won't affect you at all," said Toraine Norris, Bessemer Mayor's Office.

The goal is to keep drivers and residents safe.

"If you feel the need to run a stop sign or run a red light and make this a habit, then yeah you may want to reconsider some of your actions going forward," said Norris.

The cameras will be able to catch red light runners, speeders, and even stop sign violators.

"We were seeing an increase in people maybe running through stop signs or red lights based on information secured by the police department," said Norris. 

Authorities generally report a decrease in those numbers where traffic cameras are already in service.  

For example, Montgomery officials report at least a 50 percent drop in collisions at monitored intersections.

"We're looking at ways in which we can reduce these number of violations that we're seeing on some of our streets, and in our neighborhoods, and even in some of our school zones," said Norris.  "This is all about public safety."

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