Greene County DA working to reinstate murder charges for captured escapee

GREENE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - "I foresee some difficulties," Greene County District Attorney Greg Griggers admitted Wednesday on prosecuting Donovan Johnson.

Federal and local authorities brought him back to Alabama from Chicago Tuesday after he escaped from the Green County Jail in 1998.

Nearly twenty years on the run will make it harder to convict on murder and attempted murder charges from 1996.

But it's not impossible according Griggers. "I mean that much time is going to compromise some information. But hopefully we'll have enough people around where we can still move forward," Griggers added.

His office filed paperwork to reinstate the original charges he was indicted on. And Johnson also now faces an escape from when he originally broke out of the old Greene County Jail.

Justice may have been delayed for Johnson's alleged victims, but it hasn't been denied according to Griggers.

"Hopefully they'll see that we don't give. Just because somebody had stayed gone for that length of time we don't say oh well, let's just forget about that one, we keep plugging along and hopefully we'll be able to them some measure of justice for what he did back in 1996," Griggers went on to say.

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