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Bonegevity: Bone Health Month

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Mary Martin Nordness, dietitian and Director of Nutrition Affairs and the Southeast  Dairy  Association, joined us with her three tips for helping children (and you) prevent bone issues.

  1. More Calcium rich foods - Sugary beverages are winning so combat them with one more glass of milk at meals or snacks.
  2. More Vitamin D - This helps your body absorb calcium. It's called the "Sunshine Vitamin" because we get it from the sun and some foods. The Academy of Pediatrics says you can double the amount you confirm because kids are deficient due to too little time outside and too much sunscreen. 
  3. Be Active- Check out some options for family activities. Try some weight-bearing activities such as walking, biking, weight lifting to strengthen muscles & ligaments. Try to get in 30 minutes per day most days of the week. 

Your bones are always rebuilding themselves so it's never too late to work on bone health! For more information, visit

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