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Road Warrior: Driver ignores school bus stop sign as child exits bus

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A mom in Oxford is up in arms after her home surveillance camera caught a driver blowing through the school bus stop sign as her child was exiting the bus.

“Last year the same thing happened when he was getting on the bus, somebody ran the stop sign in the morning and almost hit him,” said Alexis Lombardi.

Lombardi is fed up and frustrated with the situation. She said her heart sank when she saw the video and how close the car came to hitting her son, Evan.

On the footage, you can see a crimson sedan driving right past the flashing stop sign lights and then a second later, Evan rounds the front of the school bus and crosses over into his driveway.

“I was angry, scared, just frustrated,” said Lombardi. “These kids, they don’t have the life experience of grown-ups, they just trust that adults are going to follow the rules and stop for the stop sign.”

Lombardi lives on County Line Road in Oxford. She said speeding is also an issue in the area during the afternoon drop-off. She wants drivers to slow down, pay attention and obey the law.

“I think people think it’s not a real stop sign, because it’s not in the same place every day or the same time every day,” Lombardi said. “Not only is it a real stop sign, it’s a crosswalk for children.”

Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge said a woman was arrested and charged with overtaking and passing a school bus after Lombardi posted the video on Facebook. She has since posted bond.

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