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Our House: Termite Protection

Eric Frye with Waynes discusses termite protection to keep your house safe in today's Our House segment.  He says termites are a real threat! Termites are 5 times more likely than fires, floods and storms combined to damage a home. They cause over $5 billion in damage annually to homes across the U.S. Unlike fires, floods and storms, the damage they cause often goes unnoticed until it is too late because they are at work behind the walls of your home. In Alabama, there is no reason that a homebuyer should not have an active termite warranty on their home. The investment is minimal compared to the risk. Make sure you have a termite warranty on your home that includes damage repair coverage. While not all homes qualify, at a minimum you should have a warranty that includes an annual inspection and treatment for termites should they infest your home. If you don’t have one, contact a professional to conduct an evaluation of your home so that an effective treatment can be performed. Make sure you pay very close attention to the details of their warranty. Ask good questions about what’s covered or included in the terms of the agreement and even what their warranty or damage repair process may look like in the event of an active termite infestation.

While having a comprehensive warranty is important, it’s equally as important to choose a proven treatment method. Treatment technologies have also evolved in recent years and the advancement of baiting solutions like the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology offer better long-term protection. More traditional methods have served their purpose over the years, but are more “defensive” in their approach to protecting a structure. Termites only need 1/64 of an inch to enter a structure and once they find that gap in a chemical barrier, they can enter the home undetected as they travel through the stud system behind walls. The Sentricon System takes an offensive approach to termite protection. Termites randomly and continuously look for food and once they feed on stations, they share the bait with their nestmates and research has proven its ability to eliminate an entire termite colony. Waynes has seen a significant reduction in termite damage claims with Sentricon.

Having protection doesn't mean you won't ever have termites in your home. It means you are protected when you do. This industry is comprised of honorable, hard-working people who choose to invest their lives serving you and protecting your largest investment. When your home is covered by a warranty and you get termites, it's the industry's opportunity to shine. So call your service provider and let them take great care of you. For more information, visit callwaynes.com/.

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