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Our House: Grilling 101

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Bryan Cornelius with Home Depot joins us with a look at the latest grilling accessories and picking the right grill for your needs. Fast to fire up grills heat up quickly and are easy to clean. These gas grills are ideal for quick meals after work or the occasional barbecue. Pellet grills infuse food with a smoky flavor but offer the convenience of gas grills and the temperature control of an indoor oven. Pellet grills maintain low cooking temperatures for a long time and retain moisture to keep meat soft and tender. Add flavored hardwood chips like Traeger Mesquite, Apple or Hickory Hardwood Pellets to enhance the taste. From the backyard to the tailgate, portable grills are a smaller way to get multiple uses from an outdoor cooker, and they are great for apartment and rooftop spaces.

Cook anything inside or outside with the latest accessories, from pancakes to bread, to tacos and pizza. Make restaurant-style pizza right from your backyard with the Pizzacraft  Round Pizza Stone with Wire Frame. The stone eliminates hot spots while cooking and produces perfectly browned crusts. Flip pancakes and crack eggs atop the Charcoal Companion Flame-Friendly Ceramic Griddle. It conducts high, evenly distributed heat to cook your food, but is lightweight and easy to clean. Make comfort foods like a grilled cheese using the Charcoal Companion Grilled Cheese Basket. The wide, non-stick basket can hold two sandwiches at once and makes flipping a breeze on the grill. The Weber iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer is the world’s first app-enabled, Bluetooth cooking thermometer, to monitor the temperature within 150 feet of the grill on a smartphone. The new product allows grillers to keep tabs on their meal without being tied to the grill.

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