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Where Is The Love: Loving your body

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Mike talks with Dr. Misty Smith, LPC, from Mind, Body, & Heart Wellness Clinic about how to love your body! Wanting to look perfect is one of the biggest struggles of women & men! It trains your brain to think you're not what you should be. It makes you think you must be a certain size or shape because then and only then will you be happy. Dr. Smith offers several ways to learn to love you for you!

  1.     Social Media is OUT
  2.     Date or Get a Dog...or any pet will do 
  3.     Try Intuitive Eating 
  4.     Morning Walk Instead of Morning Cardio 
  5.     Dress Your NOW Body 

Dr. Smith also says you should respect other people's bodies! Stop fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, tall-shaming, short-shaming. Stop pointing out other's flaws. Don't listen to or watch the media to form your ideas about your body! Don't aim for the unrealistic or unattainable! And remember how a healthy and natural body feels. For more information, you can contact Dr. Smith at 1-888-38-MYMBH - that's 1-800-386-9624.

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