Media speaks to Birmingham City Schools new superintendent for the first time

Media speaks to Birmingham City Schools new superintendent for the first time

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The new Birmingham City School superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring had her first full day in the job. We spoke with her about her plans for the school system.

In a speech, she highlights three areas of focus as she takes on her new position, humility, honor, and hope. She is humbled to know that she was selected. She has hope in the system and where is can go and she asks the public to have hope in her.

"I referenced honor. I honor where we stand right now in Birmingham City Schools. I honor all of the things that are happening within our community. I honor the past, I honor the present, and I honor the future," Dr. Herring explained.

She hopes to build strong relationships with the board members and maintain their confidence in her success. She also hopes that her vision reflects their vision and that their vision as a whole reflects of the community.

Hermin Henderson is a parent of Birmingham City Schools and after hearing Dr. Herring speak he said, "we want to let her know as a community we stand behind her vision to make sure she do exactly what she say she gonna do to try the schools are safe and there is a quality education in the schools."

We asked her with 10 Superintendents serving the school system in the last 18 years how does she plan to make sure the board keeps her around."That is an excellent question. I am aware of the history and I am aware of leadership transition and I was aware of that in my decision to apply," Dr. Herring explains.

She plans to make a smooth transition into power and work to build very strong relationships and trust with the board.

"I have to do that by maintaining their confidence being able to speak to what is happening in our schools, being able to justify and to validate success even when we are not seeing it," Dr. Herring stated.

She says she has to be consistent in that and building a collaborative vision for Birmingham City Schools. Wednesday's meeting was open to the media only. There will be a public meeting at another time.

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