Stop the bleed campaign looks to save lives

Stop the Bleed campaign in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We have all watched in horror the mass shooting incidents at places like the Pulse Night Club, Sandy Hook, and San Bernardino.

However, one Birmingham surgeon says what upsets him the most is that some of the people that died didn't have to had they received faster medical attention.

"A lot of the deaths that happen in these incidents have come from blood loss, compressible blood loss, blood loss that could be stopped," said UAB surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kerby.

That's why the American College of Surgeons and the Hartford Consensus have launched a campaign known as "Stop the Bleed."

They're advocating placing trauma kits containing things like gauze, gloves, and tourniquets in public places, much like AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are now.

"The problem with these active shooter situations is the first responders cannot go into the building or the place where this has happened until that place is secured," said Kerby.

That can sometimes be hours and in many of these situations, minutes matter.

"We're talking about schools. We're talking government buildings, facilities, malls, any public place where there is a large gathering of people," said Kerby.

He adds local surgeons and trauma teams could assist in the training free of charge. The kits themselves are available commercially.

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