Stillman College names new president in the midst of financial dilemma

Stillman College names new president in the midst of financial dilemma

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Stillman College's new president, Dr. Cynthia Warrick, said she's been known as a fixer because Stillman is not the first college where she's helped solve major issues.

Dr. Warrick has turned the ship around for colleges like Grambling State in Louisiana and South Carolina State when they, too, were in crisis.

The first step she said is, "Being transparent: that's just part of my DNA. I'm direct. I want everyone to know the situation we are in so they can be part of the solution."

For Stillman, that solution involves getting out of debt after the institution defaulted on a federal loan. Students have noticed the affects it's had on the school.

"The portrayal of Stillman as a rotten school because of finances isn't fair. We need the community to reinvest in Stillman," said Student Government Association President Quin Kelly.

"What we've done to help in the meantime is really engage and activate our alumni. So, they are working diligently for us every day we are getting checks and calls," said Warrick.

As for long term goals to get the college financially stable again, Dr. Warrick is meeting with the Department of Education in Washington D.C. later this week.

She hopes a solution is found so they can move on.

"Stillman is not closing, that we expect to be here for another 140 years, probably not me, but someone will be sitting in the president's seat," said Warrick.

"Come meet me, come meet us, come meet other students, feel free to visit our campus and we can show you why Stillman is a great place," said Kelly.

Dr. Warrick said under her leadership, she wants to strengthen the college's relationships with various community establishments.

Five new board members were also appointed at Stillman College.

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