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Road Warrior: State trooper reminds drivers to be cautious around commercial trucks

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Drivers in the Birmingham area may have noticed multiple crashes involving 18-wheelers on I-65 and I-459 in the past month. At times, these crashes shut down the interstates and caused huge traffic headaches.

“If it gets sideways and rolls over, it’s there for hours,” said ALEA Senior Trooper Chuck Daniel.

Trooper Daniel said it’s important for drivers to keep in mind that big rigs are on the road and they need plenty of room to drive. He said it’s very common for 18-wheeler drivers to use I-459 as a bypass from I-20 and I-59 so they can avoid the traffic in downtown Birmingham. However, one crash or jack-knifed trailer can cause hours of backups on the smaller stretch of roadway.  Plus, if a truck leaks fuel, it only adds to the amount of clean up time.

Trooper Daniel said except for cases of mechanical failure, he thinks commercial drivers are often not the ones at fault. 
“Your truck drivers, your commercial vehicle drivers are the most professional drivers, they do this for a living, they’re very well trained,” he said. “Yes, we have situations where they’re negligent. But in my experience, working crashes involving commercial vehicles, I would say the highest percentage, the clear majority has been that the drivers of the other vehicles were negligent.”

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