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Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County EMAs offer support to each other

Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC

A Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's helicopter now responds to emergencies in Jefferson County if needed.

"Many times storms will travel through Tuscaloosa County and impact Jefferson County next. So, the fact that we're able to work closely together to communicate, to share resources if we have to, this is critical for the citizens of both counties," Jefferson County EMA Director Jim Coker said.

They're examples how a new partnership between Jefferson and Tuscaloosa County works.

Both counties now use Everbridge. It's a county-wide emergency notification system. 

That makes it easier to respond to emergencies along the Jefferson-Tuscaloosa County line and warn residents in both areas of dangers.

"We can notify all the residents of this county. We can also notify everybody with a cell phone in both counties," Coker added.

Friday, first responders from both jurisdictions came to together.

They explained how Everbridge will better inform folks living along the Tuscaloosa-Jefferson County line.

"As we move forward, these other jurisdictions will be able to put these notices out, whether it's a sewage spill, something that could be hazard or the public needs to know about," Tuscaloosa County EMA Director Rob Robertson explained.

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