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Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter could see upgrades soon

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Much needed renovations may be happening soon at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.

The first phase of this project would mean transforming an old correction building into an extension of the Metro Animal shelter using a corridor to connect the two.

Executive director Jennifer Earp wants to make their facility more efficient for residents and their animals.

“The more people we can attract the more people that can come well the higher the adoption potential will be,” said Earp.

That’s going to take getting the wait numbers down for those wanting to visit the animals and possibly bring them home.

“We are actually very blessed here our shelter the workers do a very good job,” said District One Tuscaloosa County commissioner Stan Acker.

Acker said supporting the shelter and its staff is one of the reasons why the County commission approved $75,000 to go towards shelter upgrades.

A big portion of the improvements includes creating more rooms for different needs.

“To improve the quality of live for the animal at the animal shelter having animals separated,” said Earp.

She said separate rooms will help them better control the spread of potential disease.

“You know puppies are very susceptible to illness and they are extremely stressed when they come to a loud uncomfortable environment,” said Earp.

“You would love in a perfect world not to have to have animal shelters but that’s not the case we have to have it. To me, it’s our duty to make it the best that it can be, fund it properly so they can carry out their mission,” said Acker.

The entire first part of shelter renovations is expected to cost $170,000. 

Northport and Tuscaloosa still need to approve their share for the project to move forward.

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