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Vaping stores facing challenges

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Vape shops nationwide in danger of closing because of an FDA regulation.

The only way around this is if congress gets involved changing the dates that products are grandfathered in rather than forcing them to fill out new product applications.

Until that happens, most vaping stores could vanish.

The government says these e-cigarettes should be regulated just like other cigarettes, businesses will be forced to pay millions of dollars in product application fees to sell any of this.

"There is no way that small businesses like us could pay that kind of money to get that to go through," said Gordon Tinsley, owner of a vape shop.

The FDA approval process could cost around a million dollars per product.

Stacy Hamilton is the President of the Breath Easy Alliance and she says if stores can’t pay that we are looking at a big problem.

"Essentially you are looking at across the United States 20 thousand small businesses going out of business and 100,000 employees losing their jobs," Hamilton explained.

The reason for the FDA requirement is to prove that no unsafe chemicals are used. Unless Congress decides otherwise this requirement will go into effect Aug. of 2018 taking all those vaping products off the market until they have FDA product approval.

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