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On Your Side Investigation: Man warning folks about lottery winnings scam

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)
(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

After checking his mailbox Tuesday afternoon, Casey Kullman got quite a surprise in an envelope.

"When I opened it up, first thing I notice is there's a check on here for $8,768.88. Pretty good deal,” said Kullman.

The check looks legitimate from Broadcast Music Inc. A letter attached to it from "Pacific Integrated Lottery Inc" congratulates Casey saying he's one of the winners in an international general market survey drawing. The letter goes on to say Casey is entitled to $500,000 and that the enclosed check has been deducted from his winnings so Casey can use it to pay taxes on that half million dollars. Casey knew then, it's more than likely a lottery scheme.

“I thought it was my day to call in sick to work and then I read. The more I read, the more I realized I was still going to have to go to work,” Kullman said after realizing it was a rip off.

We called the number on the letter and it kept ringing. A quick Google search doesn't turn up much on the company.

The Better Business Bureau says lottery schemes are popular among crooks. The BBB says no legitimate sweepstakes company will ever ask you to pay a fee like taxes to claim your prize. Casey says he's not about to fall for it and wants to warn others.

"I'm very skeptical anyway. I just think it's a shame people are treated this way. I know people who's been caught up in this kind of stuff and they lose their money and can't get it back,” Kullman said.

The BBB says be aware that a check can bounce even after your bank allows you to withdraw cash from the deposit.

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