Alabama state auditor finds 'Wanda's desk'

Alabama state auditor finds 'Wanda's desk'

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama state auditor Jim Zeigler has been busy auditing the governor's residences and offices after Robert Bentley stepped down from office on April 10 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges he misused campaign funds.

The auditor has reportedly found no issues to date with the contents of those facilities, but he did find one piece of furniture that was made famous during the investigation of Bentley's alleged affair with aide Rebekah Mason.

Zeigler released a statement and picture on Tuesday showing for the first time 'Wanda's desk', referring to Gov. Bentley's former administrative assistant Wanda Kelley.

In audio recordings from the investigation, Bentley was reportedly concerned Ms. Kelley's desk was too close to his private office that she may overhear what was going on behind his closed door.

The desk, valued at $1,736, was located in use by one of the governor's policy advisers in the basement of the state capitol.

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