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Editorial: You have my support

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The following is an editorial from WBRC FOX6 News General Manager Collin Gaston, which first aired on Wednesday, April 12, 2017:

In sports, it’s called losing the team.

It’s when a coach no longer has the respect of or influence over their players. In almost every situation, it’s the beginning of the end demanding changes at the top.

In some cases, the decision for that coach to move on is made by others. In other situations, the coach decides it’s in the best interest of the team if they are no longer there, and they leave without an invitation.

Governor Bentley had lost the team and on Monday ultimately made what most Alabamians feel was in his and our best interests - to move on.

So now it’s time to regroup under Alabama’s new “head coach:” former Lieutenant Governor and now Governor Kay Ivey. Governor Bentley has left a mess for sure, but messes can be cleaned up. 

The odds makers would likely give Governor Ivey less than a 50 percent chance of succeeding in the office she has found herself in. If for no other reason, we haven’t had a lot to be proud of lately from people in power in our state (e.g. former Governor Robert Bentley; Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard; Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore).

But, this is not a game of chance and we shouldn’t be betting against our new governor. Quite the contrary, as betting against our state’s leader would be, in essence, betting against ourselves.

A politically healthy Alabama is good for all of us.  As such, Governor Ivey, you will have my support.

Let’s get to work.

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