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Road Warrior: Man asks drivers to "slow down" when taking junction detour through his neighborhood

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It’s not unusual to see orange detour signs lining the interstates in the downtown Birmingham junction right now as construction continues for the I-20/59 bridge replacement project. However, one of those detours is causing headache for a man in North Birmingham.
David Caswell has lived on 12th Ave North for one year. It intersects with 16th Street North in the Fountain Heights community.

Caswell told WBRC that drivers are using his neighborhood for a detour to avoid the road work in the junction.  He said in the last few months, he’s seen speeding and reckless driving in the area. His cat was even hit by a truck and is still recovering from a broken pelvis. Caswell wants those using the detour to slow down, and realize that the neighborhood is more than just a bypass.  
“Realize that this is a residential neighborhood, it’s a quiet neighborhood,” he said. “I’d like drivers to slow down. Get the awareness out there and let them know that this isn’t a freeway. Have regard for public safety for the kids who play in here, for our animals, I don’t know what can be done but something needs to be done.”

Caswell said he has contacted Birmingham Police about ramping up patrol in the neighborhood during rush hour. He hopes that drivers will heed the warning, and slow down.

Caswell’s cat is now recovering at home and he has set up a Go Fund Me account to assist with the veterinary clinic bills, you can find it here:

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