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Meyer Lemon-Ricotta Ravioli

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3 Meyer Lemon-Ricotta stuffed ravioli, blanched
3 spritz canola oil
1 oz diced grilled red pepper
1 oz green peas
3 shakes salt & pepper mix
½ fl oz Mirepoix broth
1 scoop brown butte
4 pea tendrils
A pinch of lemon zest

Heat small sauté pan on medium heat with canola oil
Turn heat down slightly, place ravioli in pan and cook until slightly brown
Add red peppers and season with salt & pepper
Cook for 30 seconds
Add mirepoix broth and bring to a simmer
Add brown butter and gently swirl ravioli to coat
Add peas and cook for 15 seconds, just enough time to heat peas up
Plate and add pea tendrils and lemon zest

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