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Leeds Mayor apologizes for cemetery removals on Facebook

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The city of Leeds is holding a meeting Monday night, three days after the city removed items from grave sites at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

WBRC reached out to Mayor David Miller and all of the city council members about the issue but did not receive a response.

However, Miller posted on his Facebook page. In it, he said the cemetery had become an eyesore and needed corrective action but went on to say the method that was used was not what he or city council members intended.

The items that were taken from the grave sites were dumped in a city-owned yard where many of them were damaged or broken.  

Miller said that is not how they were supposed to be handled.

“We offer our apology for the manner in which the removal was handled and also offer for the City to reimburse folks for any items which were destroyed,” Miller’s post read in part.

Jennifer Friedman came to her mother's grave last week, only to find the bench she and her family placed there was gone.

Monday Friedman said she feels as though Miller’s apology fell short.

"I feel like an apology on Facebook is not really an apology. It's easy to sit behind a computer and type words. But to come face to face with all these hurt people and apologize is just the respectful way to do it,” Friedman said.

“To do it on Facebook, I'm on Facebook. I'm a part of a younger generation. There are several people from an older generation that don't know what Facebook is," Friedman added.

Miller and some members of the Leeds City Council are going to meet with residents Monday night and maybe offer that face to face apology that Friedman and many others would like.

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