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BWWB: Changing temps likely to cause more main breaks

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It was a captivating sight Friday afternoon. A geyser-like spray shot from an 8 inch main in the area of Colonial Lane and Ridgewood Circle.

It was one of the first large breaks this spring. 

As for the reason why the main broke, age could play a factor. 

Some of the Birmingham’s mains are 100 years old or more but the recent fluctuation in temperatures may have also played a part.

“The ground shifts with the temperature change and a lot of times, hard sediments, rocks, hits the water main, causing those breaks,” said Rick Jackson, a spokesperson for the Birmingham Water Works Board.

He said Friday's break left about 30 customers without water for several hours and damage to some residents' homes. 

Jackson said the board will fully repair the damage.

“Now when we have these breaks it does not affect customers' bill. The reason being is water coming through the main isn't passing through their water meter,” Jackson said.

He added that it's important for customers to know that as more may be experiencing breaks in the future.

They happen most often when the season goes from autumn to winter and winter to spring.

“We just ask customers if you do see water being expelled on top of the ground give us a call ASAP. We want to make sure safety is first and customers affected get their water restored as soon as possible,” Jackson said.

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