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Some Leeds residents furious after items removed from local cemetery

(Source: David Hanna) (Source: David Hanna)
(Source: David Hanna) (Source: David Hanna)
(Source: David Hanna) (Source: David Hanna)

Since Judy Powell's husband, Richard, died 19 months ago, she's visited his grave site at Cedar Grove Cemetery as often as six times a day.

When she arrived Thursday and found not only his flowers removed but also an angel from her neighboring parents' graves gone, too, she was immediately upset.

“I was mad.  I wanted to know where the stuff was and why they did this to us,” she said Friday, standing near his grave.

On the other side of the cemetery, David Hanna was also finding major changes in the Leeds cemetery.

“It's heartbreaking,” said Hanna.

His wife's been told she'll have to remove the shrubbery from around her grandmother's graves along with some other changes.

"Why didn’t they give notice?  Why didn’t they let people of the city know?” he asked.

A dozen people called WBRC or stopped us while we were out Friday to voice their\frustration over the fact Leeds City employees removed items from throughout the cemetery.

They were also upset that the city took the items they collected and dumped them in a city-owned yard.

“Everything was broken mangled, mashed.  Everything was chucked here like it was garbage,” Hanna said.

WBRC tried speaking with several city officials about the matter.

We were referred to Mayor David Miller. We called and went to his office but did not get a response. 

At either entrance of the cemetery though was this sign and a page explaining changes were coming. 

But, not everyone was upset about the change. 

One couple said the cemetery looks the best it has in years.

Judy Powell said the situation is unacceptable.

“I want to move him,” she said pointing to her husband’s grave. 

“I want to move my momma and daddy.  I want to sell my property and move completely out of Leeds.”

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