Community groups band together to host 'Victory Over Violence Tour' in Birmingham

Community groups band together to host 'Victory Over Violence Tour' in Birmingham
Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Community groups and volunteers teaming up to host a Victory Over Violence Tour in various areas of Birmingham.

The different agencies working together have one goal in mind and that's to hammer the importance that the bloodshed in Birmingham needs to stop.

Just last month in Kingston a woman was charged with murder for shooting her boyfriend

"Every life is important we had 105 homicides last year. That's too much," said Gerrel Jones, an outreach coordinator. "We want everyone to stop think and live. We want everybody to be safe alive," said Johnqueta Bailey Moral Voice committee member.

The Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative, the Housing Authority Birmingham District, the city of Birmingham and many more are turning to a block party style theme in the hopes to reach people.

Lots of treats made for kids, feel good dance music and games like basketball played by local residents were available.

Organizers said the real change starts with those who came out.

"The truth is violence is not going to be overcome by the police department or by politics it's going to be overcome by the people in the community," said Jones.

The violence in Birmingham, organizers said, is creating a crisis especially in the city's public housing communities. Addressing the problem starts with a conversation.

"We go out and talk to the residents to see what exactly they want to see in their community," said Bailey.

Community leaders said the solution involves getting to know your neighbors and understanding their lives matter.

"We wonder why youth act the way they do. People don't really value other people. Get invested in people and make them feel valuable," said Jones.

The Victory Over Violence Tour plans to visit Gate City, Loveman Village and Smithfield neighborhoods over the next couple of weeks.

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