Who is Francis Nouvi? Dutchman works out at Bama's pro day

Who is Francis Nouvi? Dutchman works out at Bama's pro day
Source: WBRC

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Francis Nouvi did not play football at the University of Alabama.

Yet, during Bama's Pro Day, Nouvi was there working out for NFL teams and scouts.

Who is Francis Nouvi?  He is a former soccer player from the Netherlands. Gr anted, at 6'3" and over 300 pounds, he is far from the normal soccer player.

"I love the game and I wanted to play college football. But the NCAA denied my eligibility," said Nouvi. "Still, my soccer days have helped with my feet and quickness and with my size I wanted to give this a shot."

Despite having never played college football, UA officials heard Nouvi's story and wanted to help as best they could.

Nouvi was invited to Pro Day and worked out for a handful of teams.

The odds are against Nouvi. His lack of playing experience and age, 27 years old, are making him a longshot to make any NFL roster, let alone be drafted.

Even so, he is a big man with quickness and the NFL loves a good story. But more importantly, NFL coaches want big man that can play and Nouvi may just fit the bill.

From the Netherlands to the NFL, anything is possible.

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