Brooklynn & Carey

Brooklynn, born May 2005, is a sweet girl who is a little eccentric and likes to give hugs. She describes herself as a girly girl. Her favorite color is pink. She has a large collection of headbands, necklaces, and bracelets. Brooklynn likes to swim, go bowling, and make arts and crafts for others. She loves animals, especially kittens because they are cute, cuddly,  fluffy, and playful. Her favorite subject in school is Science because she likes experiments. Brooklynn states that she is most proud of getting a good education and aspires to be a Lawyer when she grows up so she can help people in court. Brooklynn also enjoys lots of attention but needs help in maintaining appropriate boundaries and controlling her emotions when she does not get her way. She can be slow to complete tasks, so encouragement from her caregiver is very beneficial. Brooklynn says her favorite holiday is Christmas because it's about Jesus and being with family. Her favorite birthday party would be at the skating rink. She would love to ride in a limousine and go to Disney World one day.

Carey, born in December 2009, is a charismatic, talkative, and energetic child who enjoys watching television and swimming. Carey loves dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex! He also likes cars, trains, drawing & coloring. His favorite subject in school is Music. Carey wants to be a Ninja when he grows up because he wants to fight bad guys. Carey tries hard in school and benefits from extra accommodations in Math. Carey states that he is most proud of winning a medal from playing soccer. Carey enjoys lots of attention but needs help maintaining appropriate boundaries and controlling his emotions when things don't go his way. Carey's favorite holiday is Halloween because he likes to dress up. He would love to visit Disney World one day and his ideal birthday party would be at Chuck E Cheese.


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