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Doctor explains why elderly folks need their shots

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At 75-year-old, Irene Crawford cares as much about her health now as she when she was younger.

That's why she's one of several people who attended a lecture at the Bryant Conference Center on the importance of immunization shots for the elderly.

"I just like to be informed about what a senior needs to do to stay healthy," Crawford said.

She followed the same advice Dr. Jane Weida gave an audience of two dozen senior citizens Thursday to "stay sharp on your shots."

Weida, a family practitioner and associate professor at the University of Alabama, said the shots you got in years past eventually wear off the more you age.

"Older people tend to lose their immunity as time goes by so things they may be immunized for 20 years ago, maybe they're not still immune," Dr. Weida explained.

That can make elders more likely to get illnesses like shingles and the flu.

Crawford likes to babysit her grandchildren and travel.

So she's more cautious than most when comes to staying healthy.

"Every year I do the immunization I get a flu shot every year through my primary care doctor," Crawford went on to say.

Dr. Weida suggested if you're curious about what shots you may need to check with your doctor.

They have an immunization schedule you can follow.

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