Tiffany and Shaun

Tiffany, born December 2004 is a very loving child that longs to be in a family. She enjoys all kinds of sports but particularly enjoys swimming and fishing. She loves to color, but if she could have a whole day that was planned for just her, she would visit the park or zoo. Tiffany struggles at school, and although she has an IEP and receives speech services she is two grade levels behind. She has been diagnosed with ADHD. She loves Math!

Shaun, born December 2006 is a very happy and friendly child that enjoys all kinds of sports, swimming, fishing, and watching cartoons. If Shaun could have a day that was all about him, he would spend it playing in the park or visiting the zoo. School can be difficult for Shaun as he has ADHD. He has an IEP and is behind one grade level. He also receives speech services in the classroom. His favorite subject is PE.

Tiffany and Shaun need parents that are going to be there for them no matter what. They need understanding parents that are capable of providing extra attention due to their developmental delays.


Heart Gallery Alabama's mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama.

Heart Gallery fulfills its mission through partnerships with award-winning, professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to capture each child's individual spirit.

Every child needs a loving supportive family to help him become a successful and happy adult. HGA hopes that promoting the adoption of these children will be successful so their dreams of being part of a family can become a reality.

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