Project Lifesaver bracelets help track people with dementia

Project Lifesaver bracelets help track people with dementia

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you have a loved one with dementia, the Project Lifesaver bracelet is one of the tools that can help find them if they wander off.

Miller Piggott with Alzheimer's Of Central Alabama says 60 percent of dementia patients wander and she believes this situation should be a wakeup call for all families dealing with dementia.

The Project Lifesaver bracelet has a radio tracking system inside and if your loved one wander offs, it will emit a unique signal for your patient.

Piggott says there are currently 70 patients using the bracelets in Jefferson County and in each case where one has gone off, the patient was quickly found.

But even if you don't have one of these bracelets, Piggott says there are other non-technological things you can do to dementia proof your home.

"One of the things that everybody that has an alarm system at their home needs to be sure they have is the kind of system that makes a ding when a door is opened. If you don't have that kind of system, put bells on your door. Do the kinds of things that would help alert you if someone were to open up the door and go out," Piggott said.

There's currently a waiting list for the bracelets and Piggott says one of her organization's goals in 2017 is to get more of them. In most cases, the bracelet comes at no cost to families.

But she says there are other types of systems, like the Gizmo Gadget, that will also help keep track of patients' whereabouts.

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