Chef's Corner: Getting your kids to eat their veggies

Chef's Corner: Getting your kids to eat their veggies

HOUSTON, Texas. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- When it comes to getting kids to eat their vegetables, one chef has some creative ways to do it: by hiding them.

Madeline Cabezut spent six years working for other chefs before deciding to start her own business as a personal chef.

"So far it's been successful so I'll keep growing, I hope," Cabezut said.

On the menu today is chicken with a creamy cashew mushroom sauce.

But what makes her recipe unique is what you can't see. A secret ingredient for her toughest food critics: children.

"They don't always eat the vegetables so then I have to get creative on how to sneak it in there," said Cabezut.

Pureeing the vegetables is a tactic she uses on many of her dishes.

"So I try to do mac and cheese with carrot puree. I did it with butternut squash; I've done brownies for them with spinach, so it's a way for them to eat more vegetables without having to actually see the vegetables," Cabezut explained.

What you do see is a cashew-colored creamy chicken and mushroom dish loaded with just as much flavor as nutrients.

Cauliflower is also often pureed and used in dishes like macaroni and cheese.

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