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Officials seek federal court's backing for JeffCo's bankruptcy plan

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Jefferson County officials will head to Atlanta Friday to try to convince a federal court to back the county's bankruptcy plan.

A group of Jefferson County residents sued the county contending the plan to exit bankruptcy depended on raising sewer rates: 7.41 percent for the first four years and then 3.49 percent for several years.

The group claims the sewer increases are unfair.

The head of the county commission says rejection of the plan would be a major setback for the county.

"Without a positive, affirmative ruling from the court, we would have to back and reinstitute our plan of adjustment, which would be catastrophic." Commissioner Jimmie Stephens said.

Stephens is hoping the federal appeals court will throw out the lawsuit.

The commissioner does not believe the county would have to lay off employees again if the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejects the plan.

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