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Unisys talks car security as more of our gadgets connect to our vehicles

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Cars on the road are becoming smarter with each passing day.
More cars are becoming connected to our gadgets and that is something the bad guys are well aware of.

As the technology in our vehicles improves, so do the risks. Cars are not as simple as they used to be.

"It's quickly evolved to working to figure out how we can lock off the critical components that steer your car or push the accelerator," said Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer at Unisys.

Lane assists, steering assists and now decision assists are increasing the amount of control we are giving up to our cars.

"Now, they have artificial intelligence to decide, 'Should I kill the driver or should I kill this person on the street?' Patterson said. "There's no other choice. You've got cars making those decisions for you coming up very soon."

Like it or not, scholarly minds are bringing these brilliant cars to your driveway.

"Everyone will have, either own a self-driving vehicle or be driven around in a self-driving vehicle," he said. "It's coming to Augusta, it's coming to the whole world because it's just more efficient. It's just the way things are progressing."

Fears of hackers seizing control of your vehicle or even unlocking and starting it remotely can largely be updated into oblivion.
As long as your car and everything connected to it is updated, there is no immediate worry of a takeover.

"You just want to make sure you're keeping all of your devices patched," Patterson said. "Not just your car, but make sure your phones and everything that interacts with your car stays currently patched."

Bluetooth radios and phone connectivity are not making your car less safe, just more accommodating.

"People are very safe in their cars," he said. "Unless you have a very high-end, self-drivable vehicle, you're not at any risk."

People are just as safe now as they always have been and a lot of that safety comes locally.

"The bad guys are evolving, but so are the good guys and a lot of that work is being done right here in Augusta. And we're really glad to be here and be part of that."

Remember to keep your phone and everything connected to your car updated.
Unisys says it's the best way to protect yourself from any potential compromises.

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