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Nick Saban post Iron Bowl quotes

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video

Alabama head coach Nick Saban talked to the media on Saturday following Alabama's win No. 13 Auburn in the 2016 Iron Bowl. 

Opening statement:

“This was a great win for our team. I’m really proud of our team, especially the way that they played in the second half. We turned it around on offense and really dominated the game in terms of time of possession. We had some really good drives. We didn’t always finish, but we really executed a lot better in the second half.

“This is a game that means a lot to a lot of people in this state. I’m certainly happy for our supporters, our fans and the people who support The University of Alabama that they can be happy about the victory we had today.

“Auburn has a really good team, and we knew this was going to be a tough game. I’m really proud of the way our guys competed. I’m proud of our seniors for the career that they’ve had here. They’re going to have more opportunities to play, just not here in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Those guys have had a fantastic career. They’ve contributed vitally to the program, not only as football players, but the kind of the people they are with the examples they set as leaders and the good job they’ve done academically with having success academically.

“I really can’t say enough about the great feeling that I have in terms of the way our guys competed in the game today. This is a great win, and I want our players to enjoy it, but we also have a big challenge coming up next week. This is sort of like being in the playoffs, so we’ve got to play the game next week and we’ll get ready for that starting on Monday and go from there.”

On the defense not allowing a touchdown for the fourth-straight game: “Our defensive players really play well together. Auburn presents some tough issues and challenges with personnel groups, motions, and formation adjustments, so I thought our guys did a really good job for the most part adjusting to those.

“The defense was put in some really tough spots in this game. I think there was a point in the game where they had only one or two first downs but had nine points because of turnovers, poor punts and poor punt coverage they had a big return on. So, we had some really challenging field positions in this game and our players responded well to it.

“Look, we just play one play at a time and try to prepare our guys the best we can to go out there and play well. Losing two guys in the secondary today – Tony Brown and Marlon (Humphrey) – was really difficult. I think Marlon (Humphrey) will be okay. We just didn’t put him back into the game. After losing Eddie (Jackson) a few weeks ago, we’re pretty thin back there (in the secondary), but the guys that went in certainly did a good job for us and didn’t hurt us in any way.

“I was really proud of the way the guys competed. I can’t tell you about the scoring touchdowns thing. I know our guys are very competitive and have a lot of pride, and they have played at a really high level – especially in these past three or four games.”

On the adjustment of the offensive line in the second half: “I think in the second half they responded really well. We didn’t run the ball great in the first half. I think that was part of the issue. We put a lot on the quarterback, and he was struggling a little bit, turned the ball over a couple of times, and we weren’t executing the way we needed to. I guess everybody thought I was going to throw a fit (at halftime), but I just said, ‘Look guys. All we have to do is go out and play with some poise and confidence. Trust and believe in how we do things, what we do, and everybody needs to go do their job because we have too many guys that are making mistakes, not blocking the right guys.’ We needed to control the line of scrimmage in the second half and control the game.

“I think our offensive line a good job of that in the second half, especially. Bo Scarbrough did a really good job in the second half, and I think all of our other backs did too, but he hasn’t played for a while and he was a big boost getting in there and gaining 90 yards. He had some big runs.”

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