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JeffCo Lends resources to Alabama Forestry Commission as wildfire battles continue

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Alabama firefighters remain under the gun combating wildfires.

"We are fighting fires and repairing our equipment and then sleeping," said Jason Dockery, Regional Forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission.

Over the last week, there were about 250 fires involving more than 1,600 acres. The Alabama Forestry Commission has been fighting wildfires in north and central parts of the state for about a month.

Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos said the county offered some help. 

"A couple of weeks ago we had a bad fire in the west part of Jefferson County. We were contacted late Friday night. They needed water trucks. We were able to mobilize a couple of water trucks to get out there for that forest fire." Petelos said.

Petelos adds once the Jefferson County EMA is activated and makes the request, they can send any assistance at no cost to the Forestry Commission.

"In any fire situation, we are currently having generally everyone pulls together and assists where ever possible. Typically a request for resources does not go unfilled," Dockery said.

While other government entities are willing to pitch in and help with their fight with wildfires. Their major needs remain boots on the ground.

"Unfortunately often times there are more fires than resources and people to fight. We are shorthanded even if we put everything we can towards one." Dockery said.

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