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Homewood schools will use penny sales tax to improve buildings

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The one cent sales tax the Homewood City Council approved Monday night will ultimately raise $110 million.

Half of that, $55 million, will go to the city's school system.

Superintendent Bill Cleveland said the money will be used specifically to improve buildings.

“We have a wonderful challenge and that has been our growth,” Cleveland said.

“We've grown 30 percent since 2000. We're kind of anticipating as we look down the road. We need to act now to ensure that we have room and space for all of our students," he added.

Cleveland said the plan is to address the system's three elementary schools and one middle school first.

He said the system has had studies conducted on the issue and out of that have come two options: either to add classrooms at each elementary school or build an addition at Homewood Middle School; for example, a fifth grade wing.

Cleveland said he hopes the community will get involved in deciding exactly how this money should be spent. 

The system will create community action teams and the sign up will begin early next year.

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