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Peyton Pruitt released from St. Clair Co. Jail


Good evening from the WBRC FOX6 Newsroom. This is Jonathan Hardison with a look at the stories we're following for you tonight:

The family of Peyton Pruitt is rejoicing that their teen son is a free man as of about 6 p.m. tonight when he was released from the St. Clair County Jail. Peyton was found not guilty by reason of mental defect of charges that he supported terrorism. Peyton’s dad says his son has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old child and has been pushing for more than two months for his son to be freed after a judge handed down the not guilty ruling. Our Jamiese Price helped break the news that Peyton was coming home today, and tonight she’s getting the first interview with his family and taking a look at why this case still creates mixed emotions for some people.

And a story I can’t wait to share with you new on WBRC FOX6 News at 10. We’re used to getting information from law enforcement about big crime busts, but tonight our Hannah Ward helped prosecutors open a new line of investigation into that 12-store, 15-arrest bust they made Friday of what they call a million dollar ring of folks and pawn shops selling stolen goods. We heard from a viewer who thinks she was swindled by at least one of these folks into buying a stolen purse online. Now she’s afraid she’ll never see the purse or get her money back. We’re On Your Side tonight with how many other folks may be affected and how to protect yourself.

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