Good Day Alabama: October 6, 2016

Good Day Alabama: October 6, 2016

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama:

JEH JEH LIVE - The Birmingham Botanical Gardens hosts Antiques at The Gardens this weekend. The show includes antique dealers from across the United States presenting antiques, furniture, porcelain, fine art, silver, garden accessories and jewelry. Tickets are $15 per person and parking is free. Admission is free for members. The show runs 10am-7pm on Friday, October 7, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, October 8, and 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday, October 9. The event is at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens located at 2612 Lane Park Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35223. Proceeds from Antiques at The Gardens support educational programs at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Since 2006, the event has raised more than $3 million for The Gardens. For tickets or more information, visit

WHERE IS THE LOVE - Mike talks with Dr. Misty Smith, LPC, from Mind, Body, & Heart Wellness Clinic about mental illness. We consider the impact of mental illness on parents or children, but we forget to consider how mental illness affects couples and relationships. Healthy relationships ward off both physical and mental health conditions, but stressful relationships can have a negative physical & psychological effect on the person struggling with a mental illness.

Individuals in relationships with persons with a mental illness can become the caregiver to that partner for an extended time, leading to the caregiving partner backing away from that role and becoming angry. They experience signs of burnout similar to that of counselors and nurses in psychiatric hospitals. One or both partners in theses relationships have the potential to suffer a lot of negative symptoms: shame and hopelessness, poor sleep, poor appetite, physical and emotional distancing, avoidance, frustration and despair, isolation, substance abuse, extramarital affairs, aggression, and potentially divorce. Dr. Smith offers ways to maintain a healthy relationship:

1- understand the illness and treatment options 
2- ask the professionals how you can help 
3- don't allow the mental illness to control the relationship
4- be sure to have frequent and positive communication daily
5- check in at least once a week for 15 to 20 minutes 
6- don't expect your partner to meet ALL of your needs and be responsible for your happiness
7- practice self-care
8- seek individual & couple's counseling

For more information, you can contact Dr. Smith at 1-888-38-MYMBH - that's 1-800-386-9624.

RACHEL CRUZE - Rachel Cruze - No. 1 New York Times best-selling author - joins us with her new book - "Love Your Life, Not Theirs." It released on Monday. You can meet Rachel at her book signing tonight at 6 p.m. at Books-a-Million and Brookwood Village. Rachel will give away $1,000 at the book signing but you must be present to win. Rachel also offers healthy money habits. She recommends you quit the comparisons, steer clear of debt, make a plan for your money, and talk about money even when it's hard. Learn more from Rachel at Follow her on Twitter at @RachelCruze and Facebook at

BARGAINOMICS - Judy Bates - the Bargainomics Lady - joined us with a few ways to save money when you travel! She and her husband just returned from a fabulous vacation to Norway , Spain, and Gibraltar. But don't think she wasn't bargain-shopping while she was away. Judy found a super nice thrift store on the island where her friends live and bought two photos on canvas and a hand-carved wooden bowl for 25 Norwegian kroner each... That equals a little over $9. Before she left on our trip, Judy stopped at the end-of-season sale at Stella Boutique on Main Street in Gardendale and picked up a $38 poncho for $9.50.

There are still plenty of stores with clearance-priced merchandise left from spring and summer as well as last fall and winter. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for Christmas gifts, now's a good time to find a bargain. Especially when it comes to Christmas shopping, don't wait until the last minute and spend too much or, worse yet, go into debt using credit cards. Speaking of travel, with all the airlines flying out of Atlanta, there are plenty of good deals that make the drive and parking worthwhile, like Frontier Airlines with a sale going on right now that includes $29 one-way airfare from Atlanta to Orlando or Miami. Just remember, Frontier even charges for carry-on luggage, so be prepared for added luggage fees. Alaska Airlines - - has flights to Juneau and Anchorage for as little as $250 each way. And this time of year, you'll find highs in the 50s and no freezing nighttime temperatures. With all the heat we've had here, that sounds pretty good to me. And Alaska isn't the only place they fly. Flights from Atlanta to Seattle, Washington are as low as $169 each way. And Alaska Airlines includes one personal item and one carry-on at no extra charge. You can also download Frontier and Alaska Airlines' apps onto your mobile device.

And if you're thinking more of international travel, off-season travel can mean huge savings, like the airfare deals going on with Aer Lingus (, Ireland's official airline. Fare from Atlanta to Dublin starts as low as $323 right now. And Ryan Air ( is a great bargain airline for getting around Europe, with flights from Dublin to London starting at about $23. Just remember to check into added fees for luggage, seat selection, and things like that. Public transportation like trains and buses are convenient and inexpensive in most European cities. Aer Lingus and Ryan Air both have apps for your mobile devices. As far as airfare, there's no magic formula for getting the lowest price. The trick is to think off-season, check often, and book as soon as you find the best deal. You can also sign up for airfare alerts at websites like or download their app. Remember, Judy shares deals like these daily on her website and social media. Visit

PETE THE CAT - Join Pete the Cat in a brand-new story and help him and his friends find the missing cupcakes! Pete the Cat and his friends are busy as can be baking cupcakes for a cupcake party, and Pete can't wait to perform with his groovy band. But some of the cupcakes go missing! Who could have taken them? In this latest Pete the Cat picture book adventure, by New York Times bestselling authors James and Kimberly Dean, Pete and the gang solve the mystery of the missing cupcakes and learn that it's cool to be kind. Janice talks with James and Kimberly about how Pete the Cat actually came to be, James' unique background as an electrical engineer to celebrated artist and illustrator, and what's next for the groovy Pete the cat. For more information, visit

PET OF THE WEEK - Megan with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society introduced us to a pet today looking for a forever home! Her name is Calie. For more information on today's pet or others up for adoption, call 205-942-1211 or visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, Jeh Jeh gets us hyped up for some football with a pep rally and Clare takes us out to the Barber Vintage Festival to check out all the fun! We check out the latest in fall fashion and find out how you can stock up on the latest and help in the fight against breast cancer! You know him best as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre! R.A. Mihailoff visits Atrox Factory this weekend and drops by our studio! Comedian Finis Henderson also drops by the studio to make us laugh! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!