Forever Families: Devin

Devin, born November 1999, is a high-energy and intelligent child. He is attractive with a winning smile.

Devin enjoys doing his own thing. He loves to read and can get caught up in a good book for hours. He does not watch much television, preferring to play video games.

Devin has a love for airplanes and enjoys learning about them. His social skills are his biggest hurdle. He becomes anxious when he has to interact with a lot of people. However, he is learning how this anxiety plays a part in his ability to make friends.

He desires to be part of something bigger- to have a family and a group of friends. He wants others to like him and is learning how to acquire friends through positive interactions.

Devin enjoys the outdoors and likes to look for bugs. He also likes to hike, eat out, shop, and play outside.

He would very much like to be adopted and be a part of a family again. He believes the right family is out there for him.


Heart Gallery Alabama's mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama.

Heart Gallery fulfills its mission through partnerships with award-winning, professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to capture each child's individual spirit.

Every child needs a loving supportive family to help him become a successful and happy adult. HGA hopes that promoting the adoption of these children will be successful so their dreams of being part of a family can become a reality.

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